Remember When Everything Was Beautiful And No One Was Dead?


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some songs that I have kicking around


released February 26, 2012



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


SMAWJ Peterborough, Ontario

I'm 20 something student originally from Winnipeg Manitoba going to school in Peterborough Ontario. I write songs, usually on my acoustic.

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Track Name: Another Meditation

i/doubt/you will see/the truth/right in front/of your eyes

you/might/find/a/way out

Track Name: Cross Your Arms & Close Your Mind
stretch across the sky
there's no reason why
never stop changing
even though it doesn't mean a thing
oh how i wish i could fly away
leave all of this twitching in the dust
oh how i wish i could forget
what i've done what i regret

cross your arms
close your mind
never think to question why

its hard to think when your brain is full of pain
i present to you my anguish and doubt
for you inspection and eventual consumption
use it all up and leave it hollowed out
my brain focuses on point less things
stare at nothing and think its important

cross your arms
close your mind
never think to question why
Track Name: What Is Nothing (But Nothing)
what is nothing but nothingx4

Nothing is the absence of life/nothing is the absence of light/nothing is the absence of emotion/nothing is the absence of song

what is nothing but nothingx4

nothing is the presence of nothing/nothing is the presence of absence/nothing is what waits for us all/and nothing is what this song is worth

what is nothing but nothingx4